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Tehran Crisis Management Programs Presented at Urban Life Consolidation Workshop
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 Specialized workshop to secure urban life against crises was among programs of the recent conference of United Cities and Local Governments – Middle East and West Asia (UCLG-MEWA) which was held at Milad Tower in Tehran. During the workshop, the programs of Tehran crisis management with due regard to earthquake faults in the city were explained.

According to Tehran SAMA, Mohsen Nadi, deputy director of Tehran Crisis Management and Prevention Organization, addressing the workshop said that earthquake was one of the most important natural disasters in Tehran. Population density, vulnerable buildings, narrow passageways, etc. could face Tehran with problems in case of outbreak.

He further noted that Tehran Crisis Management and Prevention Organization as the executive arm of Tehran Crisis Management Headquarters is among the organizations affiliated to Tehran Municipality and is in executive charge of coping with natural disasters and reducing effects of incidents.

Among the aims of the organization, he cited enhancement of safety, risk reduction, coordination to increase efficiency, enhancement of potentials to reduce risks and preparation. He also said that risk identification and prioritization, taking measures to reduce risks, capacity building in various stages of incident management, raising public participation and culture building on incident management were part of the organization’s strategy.

Among the organization’s important programs, Nadi cited construction of crisis management bases in the 22 districts of Tehran Municipality and storing relief equipment. Moreover, emergency settlement, building settlement camps at parks around the city and public training were among ongoing programs of the organization. “We are also following up preparation of emergency safe evacuation maps and international cooperation with other countries,” he noted.

Other speakers at the session included UCLG-MEWA Secretary General (Mehmet Duman) and officials from Istanbul Crisis Management Center, Japan International Cooperation Agency, (Nemat Hassani from) Tehran Crisis Management and Prevention Organization, and (Mr. Alavi from) Kabul Urban Services Organization.