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UCLG Sessions to Promote Status of Cities
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Mayor of Ahvaz says that holding joint sessions of urban management at international and regional levels leave a positive impact on development and progress of cities in the country, even small cities. He attributed parts of the successful measures taken in Ahvaz in recent years to such interactions.

Mansour Katanbaf, Mayor of Ahvaz, on the sidelines of the conference of the United Cities and Local Governments - Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) told Shahrnevesht: “We are living in a world where communications and constructive interaction utter the last word. In this way, in the case of urban management the more our contacts with the world municipalities the more experience and peace and friendship would be exchanged. The sessions this time seem more fruitful in terms of quality and quantity.”

The mayor of Ahvaz added: “In the past there were exchange of visits and communications among municipalities of the world but if such communications are based on a codified strategy with specific target and pre-determined plan they would be much more effective. Meanwhile, in order to reach such indicators we should undertake regular activities. The UCLG sessions have been much effective in promoting levels of cities, even small cities, and we sense their obvious effects and fortunately the situation is moving towards promotion and desirability.”

Referring to the achievements of the conference, the mayor of Ahvaz said: “Transfer of expertise and modeling from measures in other cities where conditions are apt with our territory, culture and environment conditions have been effective in promotion of our cities to such an extent that people in Ahvaz are sensing the result of the efforts we have taken in the city over the past two years and have also expressed their satisfaction in opinion polls.”