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West Asia Session of World Mayors Forum
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On the closing days of the week the city of Konya was host to a meeting of West Asia of the World Mayors Forum of UCLG-MEWA. The session was chaired by Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf who participated in the meeting at the head of a delegation of urban managers.

According to Tehran SAMA, tens of urban authorities from West Asia and the Middle East gathered in Konya to discuss and exchange views over urban issues for two days. The Tehran mayor delivered a speech in the capacity of chairman of West Asia and the Middle East and also Vice-President of the World Mayors Forum. In addition to the mayors of West Asian cities, Secretary General of Middle East and West Asia Mehmet Duman was also present who opened the session and welcomed the participants.

According to the report, Ghalibaf, in addition to delivering a speech, held brief meetings with some counterparts and urban managers. In a meeting with a group of urban officials from Palestine who had come to Konya from Nablus and Jenin, Ghalibaf regretted absence of urban representatives of Gaza due to its siege by the Zionist regime and stressed: "In the capacity of chairman of UCLG-MEWA we follow up realization of solidarity and unity among Palestinian brothers."

UCLG-MEWA which is based in Istanbul has been established with an aim of rendering services to the population of rural and urban communities as well as big, small and metropolitan cities and different areas in West Asia and the Middle East. The mayor of Tehran is the Chairman of West Asia and the Middle East Organization.