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Tehran Municipality able to pave way for citizenship peace
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 10/4/2018 11:38:25 AM

Tehran enjoys sisterhood agreement with 30 capitals in the world and the municipality of Tehran as a public non-governmental organization can engage in urban diplomacy without problems of state diplomacy and prepare the grounds for cultural cooperation at the domestic and foreign levels and promote the peace of citizenship, said Shoja Pourian deputy mayor of Tehran for social and cultural affairs.

First, we will provide the grounds for serious participation of elites in the society engagement in all decisions.

The strategic councils and think tanks in expert fields were set up with the presence of professors and we hope that these measures will lead to increased scientific synergy.

Reinforcing the position of the status of associations, NGOs and scientific centers is another mission of this department of social and cultural affairs of the municipality of Tehran.  

Tehran's municipality will also seriously support the scientific centers in line with developing democracy and discourse in Tehran.

It will use the practical participation of citizens to give them many related fields.

Moving toward facilitation is a new approach for the municipality of Tehran. Unfortunately, taking over the policy of urban management in the past period has created many strategic mistakes that we have in this period, by changing the approach to facilitating we should provide the necessary infrastructure in the relevant fields, for the NGOs and the specialized institutions.

The development of negotiation resorts for the first time in the summer this year has become key to happy programs that will prepare the ground for dialogue and transfer of the experiences of elders to younger generations.

Tehran's Municipality as a public non-governmental organization can engage in domestic and foreign diplomacy to pave the way for cooperation.

The promotion of citizenship peace with the help of municipalities is easier and we try to give service to the educated people.