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Tehran Bus Company renders services to people attending 13th Aban rallies
ایجاد شده توسط : Admin5ir19 در 11/4/2018 9:38:53 AM

Tehran Bus Company voiced its full readiness to render services to people of Tehran on the occasion of the 13th Aban (November 4, 1979) named in Iran as the Student Day, which marks the take-over of the US embassy in Tehran.

The day falls on November 4 this year.

According to the Public Relations of Tehran Bus Company, the buses are ready in several squares of Tehran at 07:00 AM local time to transport people attending in 13th Aban rallies.

During the nationwide 13th Aban rallies, the Iranian people show hatred towards the global hegemonic powers and renew allegiance to the Islamic principles set by Imam Khomeini, the late father of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.